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Common Pool Terms:

Alkalinity: A measure of the pH buffering capacity of water, the waters resistance to change in pH.
pH: Indication of the level of acidity or alkalinity of water.
Available Chlorine: The amount of Free Chlorine available to sanitize or disinfect the water.
Contaminants: Micro-particle or organism that reduces water clarity, quality or presents a health risk.
Cyanuric Acid: Also called conditioner or stabilizer that protects chlorine from the sun's UV rays.
ppm: parts per million.
Scale: Sometimes in a form of a white hard crust due to high pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness.
TDS: Everything that has dissolved in the water and all matter in the solution.

Did You Know???
Common and unique situations,
problems and concerns arise everyday in swimming pool & spa maintenance. We've dedicated this page to help address some of them.
How many gallons of water are in my Pool & Spa?
This equation will give you a general idea for both your pool and spa
Average Length x Average Width x Average Depth x 7.4 Gallons per Cubic Feet of Water = Total Gallons
How can I keep costs down?
Run your Daily Filter Cycle no longer than necessary.
Maintain Good Water Chemistry.
A good Pool Vacuum will provide better water circulation.
Variable Speed Filter Pumps installed and properly programmed conserve greater energy.
Keep your Pool/Spa clean
Maintain your equipment and plumbing
How long do I run my Filter for?
This is very important as it directly effects your energy cost on a daily basis. Filter or Circulation times are determined by a number of factors. Knowing this can save you a considerable amount of money in both energy, maintenance and chemical costs.
1) Filter Pump size in Horsepower.
2) Plumbing: Inlet and return pipe size, distance to pool/spa, number and variety of plumbing fittings.
3) Equipment and Size of Equipment Water Flows Through: Heater, Filter, Chlorinator, etc...
4) Pool/Spa Total Gallons:
How can I prevent Algae?
Algae arises from a number of reasons, ALL PREVENTABLE!
1) Inadequate Filter Cycle
2) Poor water chemistry
3) Dirty Filter
4) Inadequate water flow in specific areas
5) Contaminants in the water
Cloudy Water?
Cloudy pool/spa water can be due to a number of reasons, ALL PREVENTABLE!
1) Inadequate Filter Cycle
2) Poor water chemistry
3) Dirty Filter
4) Broken Filter Elements
5) Inadequate water flow
6) Contaminants in the water
7) Air Bubbles in the water due to plumbing or equipment air leaks
8) Too many swimmers
Air in the Filter Pump?
Air in the filter pump is called cavitation. Cavitation is most commonly due to air leaks in the inlet plumbing, worn or dirty pump lid o-ring, worn valve o-rings and gaskets, blocked inlet plumbing pipes, cracks in the lid or pump housing, clog or damage to the pump impeller or diffuser.
How often should I test the water?
Minimum once a week. If you are having an event and the pool/spa is part of your entertainment, check a couple days before so you have adequate time to make proper adjustments.
How often should I add chemicals to the water?
Add chemicals only after testing the water. If your pool/spa water demands chemicals more than once a week, which is entirely possible, Test First!
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